Arrival and Orientation

With the new year of 2015 dawning and snow finally falling in Illinois at the end of the holiday season, the Global Leaders in Construction Management rendezvoused at Chicago’s O’Hare airport with plans to travel to South Korea.  After fourteen hours of flight time, many cups of ginger ale, and a successful landing at Korea’s Incheon airport, the University of Illinois’ GLCM program inaugurated its first visit to an Asian country with much excitement.

Checking-in to a hotel in Seoul, GLCM plans to spend three days in this capital city and fill their time with many visits.  Hosts are to include Bechtel, Exxon Mobil, Parsons Brinkerhoff and Samsung.  The projects visited will range from a high-rise building to high-speed rail stations and tunnels.

From Seoul, GLCM will travel to Dongtan where the Dandeung Bridge will be toured in Gunsan-si.  Here, also, the group looks forward to a weekend reserved for cultural activities.

Before returning to Seoul, GLCM plans to spend four days in Ulsan—a city located in the southeast region of South Korea.  The group’s hosts in Ulsan are to include Hyundai, Exxon Mobil, Posco and Bechtel.  These visits are to include the Ulsan Harbor Bridge, Posco Steel Mill, Hyundai Car Factory, Bechtel’s Shin Kori Nuclear Plant, and the HHI Off-Shore Yard.  With much anticipation, the group intends to spend a full day with Exxon Mobil at the HHI Off-Shore Yard.

This exciting trip begins and ends in Seoul.  It is here, in Seoul, where the Global Leaders in Construction Management invite the interested reader to come along as the group travels through South Korea with more blog updates to follow.

Blog by Brian Cameron