The GLCM program looks for candidates who possess great intellect, interpersonal skills, creativity, and drive. The selection process includes demanding academic requirements, personal interviews, and an eagerness to be part of a selected group that will be successful throughout their careers as construction managers.

Application process will be explained at the Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, September 5th at 5:00pm in NCEB 2312. If you are unable to attend, or missed the meeting, please contact EJ Ignacio at

Applicant interviews will take place in September 2019: email one-page resume (PDF) to EJ Ignacio at

GLCM admission prequalification notification by Friday, September 13, 2019.

Student confirmation of acceptance before Friday, September 20, 2019.

All GLCM candidates must apply to the UIUC Graduate School  with application materials (such as reference letters, personal statement) & fees.

Please note that this application is to join the GLCM Class of 2021, entering the Fall 2019 semester.

If you have further questions on the admission processes, please email EJ Ignacio, the Director of the GLCM Program.