Each semester, GLCM students take 16 hours in core and elective courses. The courses listed below are simply examples of past courses taken by GLCM alumni. GLCM students have the freedom and flexibility to choose courses that they feel will help develop their skills as future leaders in construction. The coursework that GLCM students take is meant to provide a solid foundation of theory that can then be practically applied in their future careers.

MSCE Requirements

  1. 36 total hours
  2. 16 hours in major field
  3. 12 hours of 500 level courses
  4. 8 hours of 500 level CEE courses

Typical Fall Semester Courses – MS Year

Core Courses
CEE 498 CE - Construction Equipment and Methods
CEE 526 - Construction Optimization​
CEE 595 AI - AI in Construction​
ARCH 433 – Design of Steel and Reinforced Concrete
ARCH 536 - Planning and Design of Structural Systems​
BADM 572 - Statistics Management Decision Making​
FIN 432 - Managing Market Risks for Finance​
FIN 445/545 - Real Estate Investment​
LER 567 - Negotiations in Human Resource Decisions​

Typical Spring Semester Courses – MS Year

Core Courses
CEE522 - Visual Data Analytics
CEE 528 - Construction Data Modeling
CEE598CR - Construction Robotics
ARCH 435 - Structural Systems and Construction Methods​
FIN 446 - Real Estate Financial Markets​
FIN 551 - International Finance​
FIN 580 - Advanced Real Estate Investment Cases​
LEAD 470 - Leading Professional Organizations and Communities​
LER 567 - Negotiations in Human Resource Decisions​
LER 569 - Power and Influence in HR Management
TE 566 - Finance for Engineering Management​