Olympic Village

The Olympic Village for the summer 2016 games rests just a few blocks west of the Olympic Park.  This village will house the approximately 17,950 athletes and trainers gathering in Brazil for the global competition.  Covering over 2 million square feet, the athlete’s village will contain 31 condominium towers surrounding a park designed by Burle Marx.

The athlete’s village is the first phase of a larger mixed use development, called Ilha Pura.  Ilha Pura is a joint venture between Odebrecht and Carvalho Hosken S/A.  For the year 2016, Ilha Pura will exist as the Olympic Village with temporary facilities and furnishings for the summer games.  Afterwards, Ilha Pura will work to retrofit the condominiums and commercially develop the area by 2017 into a region ready for 50,000 residents within 10 years.

Ilha Pura employees graciously hosted GLCM with a thorough presentation on the development plan and methods for the Olympic Village.  The visit was completed with a guided tour of the large construction site. With 2 years left until the summer games, the structures of the condominiums are still being erected within the Olympic Village.  Great efforts in sustainability are being made to reach LEED certification for the project.

With the Olympic Village marking the end of construction site visits for the trip, the GLCM group enjoyed a farewell dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse, Carretao.  This restaurant was just walking distance from the hotel near Ipanema beach.  Various meats were sliced off of a sword onto each student’s plate.

After the group had sufficiently confused “all you want to eat” with “all you can eat,” students concluded the night at Rio Scenarium.  Decorated with antiques, this globally ranked bar provided an energetic atmosphere for a great time.

As the Global Leaders in Construction Management trip to Brazil comes to an end, the group owes a great thanks to its host, Campus Brasil.  From arrival in Sao Paulo to farewell in Rio de Janeiro, coordinators Felipe Toledo and Leo Pastori directed the group with great insight and excitement.  The construction experience was truly enriched through the Brazilian context that Felipe and Leo explained and immersed the group in throughout the trip.  We greatly appreciate their efforts in planning and participating in this successful visit to Brazil.  From the Global Leaders in Construction Management to Campus Brazil, Obrigado!

Blog by Brian Cameron