5 January 2012 – Lend Lease

Lend Lease occupies levels 3-9, as well as the Child Care Centre on the Ground Floor. The Lend Lease floors feature open workspaces, pods projecting into the atrium for communal spaces and a chill/meet zone on the western perimeter.

Lend Lease staff actively contributed to the design of the building and the fitout, and have great ownership of the result. IP telephony and other technological innovations as well as contemporary art installations are solutions which stemmed from the employee design briefs. Natural finishes such as bamboo, wool, sisal, goat hair, linen, cotton, and leather all contribute to the health of the environment. Great contemporary design, mixed with some recycled classics have contributed to a headquarters with a real “wow” factor.

Located at 30-34 Hickson Road, Millers Point, 30 The Bond is a commercial property comprising nine levels of approximately 19,800sqm net lettable area. Lend Lease conceived the idea of the building and partnered with Deutsche Office Trust whose involvement saw the project turn to reality.

30 The Bond is a leading example of social and environmental sustainability within commercial objectives and is the first CBD office building in Australia to commit to a 5 star energy rating with lower CO2 emissions than a typical office building. This has been achieved through the use of natural ventilation,  passive chilled beam cooling and fully operable shading on the facades.

On the east side of the building is a full height atrium, which features a four-storey natural sandstone wall, hewn by hand for the installation of the original gas works on the site.

The base of the atrium is a public space encouraging interaction between the building’s occupants and the community. The atrium volume contains internal stairs, glass lifts and double storey “pods” which are used for shared activities creating a greater sense of connection.

Lend Lease was selected in December 2009 as the developer for Barangaroo South by the Barangaroo Delivery Authority on behalf of the New South Wales Government.


Barangaroo South is a vital new development of Sydney’s central business district and will provide extraordinary benefits for Sydney, NSW and Australia. It is a once in a 200 year opportunity to create a vibrant new place to live work and visit and provides room for the city to grow – creating new jobs, stimulating growth and boosting our economy. It also returns this previously private industrial space to the community, including a new naturalistic harbour park.

Barangaroo South – the southern 7.5 hectares of the 22-hectare former container port on the western rim of the city – will become the greenest global residential, shopping and business centre in the world.

Barangaroo South will have a mix of uses, with commercial and residential buildings as well as shopping, dining, hospitality and public places. It will be a dynamic and authentic part of Sydney.

Barangaroo South will enhance Sydney’s position as one of the world’s most spectacular harbour cities and a must-see destination.

Barangaroo South will:

Deliver a climate positive and low carbon outcome for the whole of Barangaroo, pioneering a new era insustainability and setting new benchmarks for others to follow and will further develop Sydney’s role as Australia’s financial capital, increasing its competitiveness in the South East Asian region and progressing its reputation as a centre for innovation and research and development.

Total Barangaroo Site: 22 hectares

Barangaroo South: 7.5 hectares of the 22 hectare site, of which 2.9 hectares (35%) will be public space, including a new Southern Cove, adding 0.8 hectares of new water to the harbour, a waterfront promenade,public pier and new cultural centre.

Waterfront Promenade: All of the enlarged waterfront at Barangaroo South will be fully accessible to the public.

New Buildings: Approximately 490,240sqm Gross Floor Area of residential, commercial, retail and leisure

Residential: Approximately 99,763sqm of mixed residential; between 775 and 800 apartments

Office Buildings: Approximately 323,700sqm of world class office space; minimum 6 star Green Star building ratings

Retail, Food&Beverage: 33,777sqm of mixed retail&leisure including convenience, lifestyle and fashion stores, cafes, restaurants, casual eateries, bars and coffee shops

Hotel: Landmark international hotel, 33,000sqm, function rooms, bars, restaurants and public space

Community/ Public: Major new cultural building; 2.9 hectares of public space, including waterfront square and harbourside walkways

Sustainability: Barangaroo will be one of the most sustainable global residential, leisure and business centres in the world.

Targets: carbon neutral, water positive and zero waste outcomes

Transport: Ferry wharfs, pedestrian connection to rail and buses at Wynyard, new light rail services, bus, taxis, parking for bikes and cycleways. Improved north/south and east/ west pedestrian links.

Leasehold: 99 year leasehold

This information has been provided by Lend Lease as part of the Concept Plan Amendment July 2010. All building designs are indicative only and will be subject to further applications and planning consents.

“Companies must start justifying their worth to society, with greater emphasis placed on environmental and social impact rather than straight economics.” Dick Dusseldorp, Founder of Lend Lease. 1973.

This approach to business underpins everything we touch, and can be seen in nearly everything we do. Over 50 years of experience has taken us across the globe from Australia to Asia, Europe and the Americas. We employ more than 17,000 people around the world and manage an extensive portfolio of assets. We’re proud to say that over a million people around the world live, work, shop or are connected through an asset we have created, every single day.

Our clients, partners and investors can choose to leverage our strengths and local expertise at any stage of the property and infrastructure spectrum – from development, investment management, project management&construction, and asset&property management – or partner with us right through the complete journey. We also have a flexible and creative capital approach, resulting in superior investment performance. Using a truly collaborative approach, we guide clients and investors beyond just maximizing value to innovative, sustainable outcomes.

We are committed to operating Incident & Injury Free wherever we have a presence.  In fact, we are more than a property and infrastructure business. We’re in the business of creating positive legacies. For everybody involved – from the people who live in or use our places and spaces every day, to our business and government partners, and even the individual members of our own team. (source: lendlease.com)