GLCM Flight Home

From Vienna to London to Chicago, the 6 Global Leaders in the main group arrived back into snowy Chicago on Friday afternoon. Having traveled almost 5,000 miles in the past 12 hours, being able to see the familiar Lake Michigan shoreline again was a welcome sight.

The long flight gave us a chance to reflect on the trip, and the many unique projects we saw. This trip’s theme centered around city improvements from a human-centered perspective, and the things we saw will undoubtedly come back in our future construction careers. We heard stories of discovering unexploded ordinances and tanks from the war, swaying public opinion toward backing ambitious projects, taking on complex renovations in historical sites, and so much more. At the same time, we made the most of the days in Vienna and around it, with each member of the program seeking out their own interests.

I suppose one could say the most important site visit was seeing the friendships among the group be built during the trip. Best of luck to everyone starting their semesters, and Auf Wiedersehen Vienna!

Blog by Darren Liu