GLCM Arrival in Vienna

Hallo from Vienna! After a long day of traveling for the students from all over the globe, we convene at the Ibis Wien Mariahilf Hotel tired, hungry, but still in high spirits.
Students traveling with the main group met Tuesday night at O’Hare International Airport, Terminal 3. With bright orange hard hats in tow, Ignacio, Liu, Meilinger, Mossman, Naokawa, and Rivkin prepared for the long flights ahead.

The trip to Vienna would take place in two legs, the first being a familiar 7.5-hour flight to London, and the second from London to Vienna. The flight felt long, with a cacophony of snoring and coughing in the cabin preventing quality rest.

A brief layover in the mall-like London Heathrow Airport gave the group a chance to quickly recharge. Feeling refreshed, we stoically boarded our British Airways flight to Vienna.

One half-hour cab ride later, the main group met up with everyone at the hotel for our Vienna orientation with Michela, our trip organizer. We made critical decisions regarding meal choices and got familiar with Austrian traditions and the activities of the trip.

After the meeting, the main group travelers sought sustenance nearby, deciding on Le Burger: a restaurant with a dedicated elevator just for hamburgers. With such high-class amenities for food alone, we knew we were in for a fine dining experience and a wonderful trip. Inhaling our sandwiches, we retreated to our rooms for some well-deserved rest and recovery before an action-packed day tomorrow.
Until then Tschss

Blog by Darren Liu