8 January 2012 – Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

After checking out of the Y Hotel Hyde Park Hostel, we all went on a ferry to Manly, a suburb of Sydney. The ride was 40 minutes long and we had the opportunity to see the great view of Sydney and the surrounding islands.

Once in Manly, we went to the closest beach. The water was very salty and the waves very powerful because of strong currents. The beach was full of families and young people enjoying the sun.

After the beach, we walked around the town through a market in open air. The indigenous art is very interesting and appreciated everywhere we went. The fashion is also different, as they wear more loose fitted clothing and more fashion forward than in the U.S.A. We decided to grab lunch in this area as well.

In the evening, we took the ferry back to the city in order to arrive to the Sydney International airport on time for our flight to Brisbane. Our flight was at 7pm and it was an hour and a half long. We took a 20 minute train ride from the airport to our hotel. We checked in the Base Hostel and we settled in.