The trip portions of the GLCM program are meant to supplement the theory that is learned in the classroom. Trips to construction projects and organizations within the construction industry, both internationally and domestically, provide students with examples of theory in practice. Past trips have taken students to the United Kingdom, France, Japan, Dubai, China , Panama, Germany, and Canada. Below is an outline of the different trips that each GLCM student takes while in the program.

International Trips (Winter Break)

First Trip
Winter Break Senior Year
Upon the acceptance of the new applicants, they are involved in the preparations for the first international trip. The new applicants join the current GLCM students in the international trip. Not only this trip provides them with the opportunity of visiting the leading international construction companies and signature projects but also gives them the opportunity to network with their seniors in Global Leaders in Construction Management program.

Second Trip
Winter Break MS Year
In the second winter break of the program the students will be going for a trip to a new destination on the globe. This trip align with the previous international trip would allow them to visit two different alternatives to construction, network with previous and new students as well as getting to know different cultures.

National Trips (Spring Break)

First Trip
Spring Senior Year
As soon as the new GLCM students are back from their first international trip they would be supervised by the faculty through an independent study. This study will be focusing on the new construction methodologies or project management techniques that been observed on the construction projects during the international trip. In addition, the students are responsible for preparing a report about the trip, including technical details and cultural experiences as well. During this semester the students are encouraged to contact companies and find internship positions. In case the students did not find an internship the GLCM faculty would help them to contact industry partners of the program. Other important activity in the spring semester is the national trip. The objective of this trip is to provide the students with the experience of visiting challenging projects within the United States. This trip is intended to create a contrast between the international projects visited during the fall break and national projects. The first national trip occurred during the Spring Break 08 (March 16-20) and the destination was the northeast (Washington). The Global Leaders students were led in this trip by Professor Carlos A. Arboleda.

Second Trip
Spring MS Year
The same as the previous spring the students would work on a report for the second international trip along with independent study on the finding from their last summer internship. During this semester the students will be taken to a national construction trip, which will provide a comparison between the construction practices observed at the international and local level.