Ron M. Halicke

As the son of a heavy equipment operator, I have been exposed to the construction industry my entire life, installing in me a work ethic based on determination and a commitment to excellence from a very young age.  However, my true passion for construction began through volunteer work with non-profit organizations, building affordable housing.  Currently, I am a work captain for an organization that serves the local Champaign-Urbana community making home repairs for lower income families.   In my last year of undergraduate studies at the University of Illinois, I have chosen a primary focus in construction management with a secondary in sustainable infrastructures.  Over the past three and a half years, I have interned and perform multiple cooperative study programs with a general contractor in Chicago.  Having a vast range of responsibilities including but not limited to estimating, closeout documents, quality control, and project management, I was truly privileged to have such opportunities.  Past projects I have managed include the 8th floor renovation of an additional computer server room for the City Colleges of Chicago, and the replacement of a dehumidification system to service a Chicago public high school natatorium.  Furthermore, I have held active roles on other projects, such as the new construction of a three-story elementary school for the Public Building Commission of Chicago, which was awarded LEED Gold certification.In the coming years, I look forward to continue managing projects, in hopes that I may move forward to larger contracts with a wider range of scopes.  I am always interested in perpetual learning through new and exciting challenges.

Employment: Internship with ExxonMobil, Summer 2012